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Love Your Expat Life

Mar 16, 2023

Welcome to Love Your Expat Life, where we explore transformational stories & tools to help you design a life you love no matter your location. 


In this episode, Kate Dahl, founder of Career Denmark ApS & expat living in Denmark shares her evolution through travel.


After turning down a teaching career in China, she listened to her gut & found herself in her husband's home country. She quickly learned that navigating the job market there was no walk in the park. She used her own personal challenge to create a company to help other expats find jobs in Denmark.


Additionally, we discuss:


3:05- moving to Europe 

7:54- family drama

9:23- internal changes & sacrifices 

14:01- imposter syndrome 

19:23- chasing freedom with clarity or not

25:30- advice to my younger self

30:01- becoming your own best advocate

26:35- the 3 mistakes people make when job hunting in a new country


Sharing your story is a personal & vulnerable experience, but it has the power to change someone else’s life! If you were inspired by Kate’s story be sure to connect with her at Career Denmark. And, to help support the creation of Love Your Expat Life Podcast I invite you to leave a review so I can continue sharing these inspirational stories!



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