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Love Your Expat Life

Aug 26, 2021

What do you do when things are hard?

  • Do you identify as the victim and blame your circumstances?
  • Do you spin and spin in helplessness?
  • Do you "catastrophize"?

Or do you step back, ask yourself some powerful questions, and navigate these difficult events from a place of strength and love?

Your life is a canvas and you...

Aug 19, 2021

Riding the second level of a double-decker bus is fun — if you're a tourist on holiday in London.

It's a lot less fun if that second level is actually all the bad emotions you pile on top of a particular problem in your life.

In this episode, I talk about a very useful tool for reducing guilt, anxiety, overwhelm, and...

Aug 12, 2021

When you decide not to reach for a goal, what are you most afraid of? Is it failing?

That's true of many of us. But "failure" is only in our own minds. What if we could reframe failure as a way of making progress towards ultimately achieving that goal?

In this episode, I talk about how our fear of failure traps us into...

Aug 5, 2021

What is your "emotional nutrient"? We want to do things in order to feel a certain way — we want to learn languages to feel more connected. We want to complete a marathon to feel strong and confident. I wanted to launch a podcast to feel bold and audacious!

Connected, strong, confident, audacious — those feelings...