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Love Your Expat Life

Mar 31, 2022

Many of us can relate to this idea of being our own worst enemy. We bully ourselves, minimize our value, and relentlessly compare ourselves to others. The path to self-defeat is well-worn.

So on today’s episode, I walk you through the different types of negative self-talk, and share how you can build healthier, more...

Mar 24, 2022

Dr Sophie Haspeslagh has, like many expats, led a very unconventional life. And, like many expats, she made it look easy — when it really wasn't.

She finished her PhD while on maternity leave, met with armed leaders in countries in conflict, moved around the globe with babies, all the while pursuing her interest in...

Mar 17, 2022

In this series, I've been talking about the choices we have, even in the face of unthinkable situations like a pandemic or a war.

In Episode 42, I shared with you the first choice we all have which is to direct your thoughts on purpose to create calm if you wish to do so. In Episode 43, I shared with you the second...

Mar 10, 2022

The war in Ukraine continues, and our newsfeeds are full of terrible images of suffering people. It's heartbreaking to watch and feel so powerless to help.

These are awful, uncomfortable emotions, and of course we want to avoid them. I'd like to suggest we acknowledge them instead. 

In this episode, I share how...

Mar 3, 2022

Just now, much of the world's attention is focused on Ukraine. It's a terrifying time for those under attack but also for those of us watching and wishing there were more we could do.

In this episode and mini-series, I want to break down for you some of the choices you have - now, watching world events unfold, but also...