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Love Your Expat Life

Aug 24, 2022

3-year-olds might have it the best amongst all us humans. 

Think about it… a continuous stream of naps, getting delicious meals served up to you, making a mess then watching someone else clean it up, and alas a bit of playtime to top it all off. 

What’s at the root of a 3-year-old’s existence you ask?



Aug 18, 2022

When my kids left for Norway, my eldest son told me: I hope you laugh a lot and have a lot of fun and play. He is eight years old, and like children his age, his capacity to create joy and playfulness is extraordinary.  

I promised him I would try my best to laugh a lot, play a lot, and report back.

I have a question...

Aug 11, 2022

Julianne Bosch is a CEO to moms as a life, career coach, and as of recently– an author of How a Mother Took Her First Step On The Moon- A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children. 

In this episode, Julianne speaks about:

  • How traveling to 13 countries shaped her growth mindset
  • The period of change that...

Aug 4, 2022

Do you squirm at the idea of ‘doing nothing all day’? Or is this your cup of tea?


Personally, I would not describe myself as someone that’s very good at relaxing. My husband is the ultimate chillaxer. 


When people describe him they say he is relaxed and cool– the exact emotions I want to cultivate this...