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Love Your Expat Life

Oct 28, 2021

NOTE: Listening to this episode is NOT a form of procrastination. 

That thing you really don't want to do (or maybe you DO) — how many times have you put it off? You can probably name all the deadlines you've set for yourself ... and missed.

But do you know WHY you keep putting it off? Understanding our urge to wait...

Oct 21, 2021

In the next few episodes, I plan to talk about "dream stealers" — those thieves that steal our hopes and plans for our futures and the lives we want to lead.

This week, I focus on one of the most insidious stealers of dreams: "I don't know." 

It's such a simple sentence, but the words can become a trap. Perhaps you...

Oct 14, 2021

A lot of expats really dislike the term "trailing spouse," as it can make the expat partner seem like an after-thought. The one whose job is in a foreign country is the "leader" — the rest of us just follow along.

And life as the partner of an expat, while it may seem exciting and glamorous, means putting your career...

Oct 7, 2021

Journaling is like a daily meeting with yourself — a chance to check in on what's going on in your everyday life, set intentions, track progress towards your goals, and hear those inner voices of wisdom that often get shouted down by the urgency of day-to-day life.

Expats know how chaotic life can be: so much change...