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Love Your Expat Life

Dec 15, 2022

It's time to look back on the past year, take stock of what we liked or disliked and give us the means to approach the month of January with clear ideas on what we want to create and accomplish for this New Year. 


This is a great segue to share with you a practice that I have adopted. Instead of resolutions,  I prefer to adopt a word for my year. A word that represents my intention for this year, a journey, and a destination.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of adopting a word for the year vs creating new years resolutions
  • How to find your word for the year
  • How to use your word to stay on course for the duration of the year


If you are interested in this new approach, I have very good news, I have prepared a little guide for you to identify your intention and the word that will accompany you throughout your year. 


With this free guide, you can reflect on the best parts of 2022 & how you can bring those pieces into 2023. It will not only help you clarify what you want for yourself in the new year, but it’ll help you identify how you want to take care of yourself and what you want to bring to others and the world.


After taking some time to reflect, you'll be able to identify your word and your intention for the year. Download your guide here!


Once you have chosen your word, don't hesitate to tag us in @girafecoaching - can't wait to discover the word you choose.