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Love Your Expat Life

Dec 8, 2022

Well-being is a state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. It comes from within. On the other hand, false pleasure is a temporary or momentary feeling of comfort that comes from something external. 


The podcast topics this month are all around this question: why bother to change if this is hard work? 


Why bother seeing what we are capable of?


Why bother with pursuing a life that's free of all of these delicious false pleasures? 


The holidays are an opportune time to eat without hunger, drink too much, procrastinate on social media, binge-watch Netflix, & overspend on gifts & vacations.


Do you know that false pleasures are actually emotional bumpers? 


In this episode, we’ll explore the mechanism that pushes toward false pleasures, and we take a look at how to overcome them.


You’ll also learn the true essence of well-being & how to create more of it in your life.


There is so much pleasure available to us. Nothing is better than well-being. Being fully well inside & out.


So my passion is to teach you how to do that, so you live the expat life you love and make space to pursue your dreams. When you stop running away from discomfort and move towards it you will experience ultimate and true well-being. I invite you to join the Girafe Coaching newsletter to get more tips like these delivered straight to your inbox!



episode 60: Your Energy is Just on the Other side of Discomfort

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