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Love Your Expat Life

Nov 2, 2023

Transitions often leave us feeling like our world has been turned upside down, intensifying our anxiety. In the last episode of Love Your Expat Life, we explored what anxiety is and debunked some common misconceptions about it (make sure to tune into part one first). 


Today, I want to share a powerful tool that has helped me manage anxiety and regain control during transitions. 


When you embrace the fact that certain aspects of life are beyond your control, you open the door to reducing anxiety. Anxiety doesn't stem from the transitions themselves; it arises from our thoughts and interpretations about these transitions. Recognizing this concept allows anxiety to lose its grip, providing the key to achieving calm in the face of uncertainty.


Here are 3 takeaways from this episode:

1. The transition isn’t the source of your anxiety, but you’ll learn what is

2. How to expand your sphere of control to find tranquility 

3. Powerful questions that’ll help you shift toward acceptance during your transition


Remember, by recognizing that we're not meant to have all the answers and letting go of the need for certainty, you can reduce anxiety and choose empowering thoughts. 


If you'd like to explore this further, feel free to reach out for help with your transition anxiety (I am not a licensed mental health professional, but I am someone who has gone through this in hopes of helping you navigate it with a little less stress).



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