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Love Your Expat Life

Feb 9, 2023

I was coaching a client who imagines a scenario in which she either has a high paid job in the US, or she can move to different country she dreams of living in which would cause her to take a lower paying job plus lose her status and identity. 


We often do that. We put ourselves in a “ black and white” scenario. 


In essence what my client was saying was: If I move, then I’ll lose out on all of this. If I don’t move, I’ll lose out on all that.

Last week we talked about how to know what we want and today we will discuss one of the major obstacles in developing your vision.

By VISION, I mean the direction you want to give to your life.


Without vision, it's very easy for your mind to convince you that you have very few options and choices and that those choices could lead you to a terrible scenario.


So, in this episode we’ll dig into:

  1. How lack of vision can create challenging decisions

  2. 3 negative emotions that arise while formulating your vision & how to combat them

  3. How the question, “Am I allowed to want more?” specifically pertains to global nomads


And, before I invite you to tune into the full episode I’ll leave you with this:


Your desires and desires goals are an integral part of you as a human being, and they contribute to the joy you can create in your life. They also contribute to the impact you have on this planet. You are meant to grow & evolve, but will you allow yourself to?


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Episode 90: How to Figure Out What you Actually Want