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Love Your Expat Life

Aug 4, 2022

Do you squirm at the idea of ‘doing nothing all day’? Or is this your cup of tea?


Personally, I would not describe myself as someone that’s very good at relaxing. My husband is the ultimate chillaxer. 


When people describe him they say he is relaxed and cool– the exact emotions I want to cultivate this summer.


If you are more like me, you might be priding yourself on being able to accomplish a lot. It’s incredible how much stuff I can get done when I put my mind to it. The thing is, my husband is also incredible at getting things done too. 


So relaxing has nothing to do with the ability to get things done or not. Relaxing is the ability to be less tense. In other words, to go slow, to do less, and enjoy being in the moment.

Some obstacles to relaxing include:

  1. Thinking we’re wasting our time
  2. Perceiving relaxing as nothing important
  3. Worrying about what others think if we’re seemingly, ‘doing nothing’
  4. Having FOMO
  5. Boredom

So, if you’re ‘anti-relaxation’ or just need some tips on winding down to enjoy the rest of your summer this episode will:

  • Help you uncover negative thought patterns that pertain to relaxing and how you can rework them
  • Discover rituals that might help you to fully unwind

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