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Love Your Expat Life

Jun 24, 2021

How can you feel better in almost any circumstance? We are not at the mercy of our circumstances, says Life Coach Caroline Giffon of Girafe Coaching. The key is to become deliberate about your thinking around the events you cannot control. 

In this episode, Caroline discussing the simple but very powerful coaching tool, the Self-Coaching Model. 

Listen to the episode, practice the Self-Coaching Model yourself, and visit Girafe Coaching for more information on how to lead a life you'll love.

Unintentional Model

C: Insurance call to confirm container is lost
T: It’s a nightmare to lose a full container with all our things in it F: Despair
A: Yell at the person on the phone, hang up and cry, write an email of complaint, raise my voice with my partner, lose temper with the kids, complain to a co-worker, blame myself for picking this company among other shipping companies. Do not find a solution for the lost items
R: I make my life a nightmare

Intentional Model

C: Shipping company declares container lost
T: This is what it is
F: Acceptance
A: file for a lost container with the insurance company to get compensation, ask employer for an advance paycheck in order to buy pieces of furniture, ask for a couple of days of admin leave to organize everything and do not complain about this at home
R: Take full control of what is