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Love Your Expat Life

Sep 9, 2021

Isn't it funny how you never outgrow that September feeling of change and excitement and possibility? 

Even though most of us adults aren't heading back to school, the fall still feels like a time of renewal.

As I watch my boys climbing the stairs to their new school, ready to make friends and learn and grow, I am so proud of their "Let's do this! Let's go!" attitudes. 

Where does that feeling go when we become adults? I argue that adults face four key obstacles when trying to accept change and do something that makes us uncomfortable.

Learn how to quiet the part of your brain that craves comfort and familiarity, even if that comfort isn't truly making you happy. Get motivated, and keep that momentum. 

Listen to this episode, then join me at to learn about my Unlock Your Full Potential program. Go where YOU want to go — not just where life takes you.