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Love Your Expat Life

Mar 30, 2023

Welcome to Love Your Expat Life, a podcast that provides you with the tools to live the life you love no matter your location!


In this episode, Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore, a talented expat author, writer, researcher, and economist shares her insights on her book, ‘Messy Mobile Life’-- a book that speaks to the complexities that many mobile families face. 


At 19 years old Mariam left her home in Pakistan with a one-way ticket to Boston. After living in 10 different countries, marrying her husband from across the globe, & having three children born 3,000 miles apart– she’s learned a thing or two about navigating a complex, but joyous mobile life. 

We also discuss:

2:54– The Messy Mobile Life

5:42– What makes mobile life messy?

9:08– How does this messy life contribute to your identity & parenting style?

14:40– Tips for navigating a mobile lifestyle

21:21– Settling down after living a mobile life, is it possible?

23:40– The meaning of expat success

27:40– Dealing with teenage complexities while abroad

36:52– What changes do you wish to see for mobile families?

Inspired by her story? Connect with Mariam on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or by checking out her book here



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