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Love Your Expat Life

Mar 23, 2023

Imagine yourself in a forest with only two paths. If you want to live a life of freedom, lightness, and impact, you need to be open to exploring other paths that may not be immediately visible to you.


The way you think about choices can be limiting and prevent you from achieving what you truly want for yourself and those you care about.


Welcome to Love Your Expat Life podcast, a space where you gain the tools necessary to live a life you love no matter your location!


Let me ask you a question…


Have you ever felt like you have no roots and are on a never-ending search for belonging?


Especially when kids are in the mix, the debate about, ‘should we keep moving for stay put?’ continues to pester like a wound that won’t heal.


But, the problem with this thinking is that we believe either we gain belonging while neglecting adventure, or the other way around.


So, in this episode, we’ll dive into how I too battled with this thought, how there’s a better way to approach this situation, & examples of how I’ve applied this new approach to my life.


Navigating an expat life isn’t easy. It’s full of complexities most people would not understand. So, if you’re exploring unchartered territories, a coach who has been in your shoes can offer a new perspective. As a life coach for global nomads, I can not only help you become aware of the new possibilities but also the resistances that might not be apparent to you.


Broaden your vision, gain clarity, and achieve the life you want by getting in touch & learning more about my services here!


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