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Love Your Expat Life

Mar 2, 2023

On the podcast, I often say that the truth is inside of us and that to gain clarity, we need to look inside and not outside of us. If you’ve followed along for a while, you know that I help people navigate what I call serial expatriation and transitions, where one international move follows several more.  


When we’re constantly adding new cultures, new faces, new schools, new identities, and new nationalities, we are evolving and changing. It is sometimes difficult to connect to the person we are becoming, and we might be under the impression that we don’t know who we really are and what we truly want. 


Today, I’m starting a two-part series about accessing our truth and wisdom. In this episode you’ll learn:


  1. My experiences tapping into my intuition

  2. Ego vs intuition & how to decipher the two

  3. Why following your intuition is better than your ego

  4. A tool that will help you tap into your own intuition


After tuning into this episode, dedicate a few minutes each week for the practice… I promise it’s worth it! And, for more clarity, I have a free ‘clarity challenge’ for you to download right here. 



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