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Love Your Expat Life

Jan 26, 2023

Temis Tormo, a brilliant journalist, mom, & global nomad, shares her intimate details on her upcoming move with her diplomat husband & TCK’s. 


In this episode, you’ll learn how to navigate the emotions of a move & how to move intentionally with TCK’s– helping them better acclimate to upcoming change.


We also talk about:

4:20– An intro to how Temis evolved into who she is today

6:41– A habit that makes its way around the world

8:40– Where is home?

9:40– The significance of this move

14:08– How downsizing can be a great lesson for kids

14:54– Setting an intention for the move

20:44– What would you like to tell yourself a year from now?

23:33– Letting kids flow with their emotions

26:00– It’s fun to be the new kid

28:36– The brutality of a move 

34:18– These emotions are a gift

28:57– What are your takeaways? 


To connect with Temis reach out to her via Linkedin or Twitter


And, if you’re interested in gaining more clarity as you move through life as a global nomad check out Unlock Your Full Potential; a group coaching program where you’ll uncover your vision, transition with ease, simplify your life, & learn to balance your priorities!


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