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Love Your Expat Life

Nov 3, 2022

Bonnie Miller's professional experience spans five decades as a social worker, psychotherapist, educator, consultant, social activist, and trainer. She has extensive experience in countries experiencing war, genocide, and oppression of minorities. 


Currently, as Oral Historian and Podcast Host, Bonnie interviewed 20 Foreign Service spouses in the Partners in Diplomacy project through the Association for Diplomatic Studies &Training ( and 16 Foreign Service family members for an AAFSW Oral History Project.


This episode is packed with knowledge, advice, & practical tips that you can apply to your life. 


You’ll learn about:


9:00– her portable career as a psychotherapist 

10:20– handling traumatic situations while overseas 

17:20– working in the mental health sector in Bosnia 

21:15– celebrating the lives of women who she helped get out of sexual abuse

26:30– how to get more involved in your community & find deeper purpose while abroad 

30:30– her research on the evolution of society on EFM’s (eligible family members) & the support that’s now given to them to fulfill their purpose 

37:20– new trends of accompanying partners & resources to help them


Resources mentioned:

Partners in Diplomacy

Her interviews for the AAFSW that will be available this fall 

To gain further assistance as a global nomad transitioning through life, feel free to book a no-cost roundtable webinar this coming November 9th at 9 AM eastern time. Additionally, I’ll be offering complimentary sessions from November 14th-18th where you can gain personalized advice from me!