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Love Your Expat Life

Oct 27, 2022

In this episode, you’ll learn how to create calm and peace and move away from anxiety.

Our sphere of control over our emotions is enormous and I would argue infinite: how we respond to what happens in our lives is going to change how we show up and what we create for ourselves.

 Therefore, a shift from focusing our energy on what we can control and stopping wanting to control the world and other people will be the best way to live a life with less anxiety.

 This shift happens when you start to ask your brain more constructive questions instead of negative & powerless ones. When you start to change the questions you’re asking yourself, you step into a position of control. And, when you step into a position of control, you feel strong & impactful.

Join me in this episode where I’ll walk you through the exact thought process it takes to start moving into a position of control & empowerment. Are you ready?


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