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Love Your Expat Life

Aug 18, 2022

When my kids left for Norway, my eldest son told me: I hope you laugh a lot and have a lot of fun and play. He is eight years old, and like children his age, his capacity to create joy and playfulness is extraordinary.  

I promised him I would try my best to laugh a lot, play a lot, and report back.

I have a question for you global nomads, in the last 24 hours:

  • How much joy did you feel, and when? 
  • When did you feel light-hearted? 
  • When did you last feel playful? 
  • Do you remember why? 

We live in societies that prioritize accomplishments and performance over joy and lightness. Priceless joyous moments certainly cannot be measured, controlled, and or bought, but we need them to counteract and cope with hard situations.

If you haven’t stopped to smell the roses in a bit here are three things that might be in your way:

  1. Seriousness or gravity
  2. The mental load of our responsibilities or concerns
  3. Guilt

Today take a moment for yourself to listen to this episode to uncover exactly why you haven’t been cherishing moments as much as you could be so that you can start inviting more joy into your everyday life! 

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