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Love Your Expat Life

Jun 16, 2022

Wendy Sloneker, an advanced grief recovery specialist and coach, helps teens and adults learn to confidently and proactively navigate the difficult feelings of loss, pain, isolation, heartbreak, and grief.

When we think of grief, the word death appears, but this doesn’t always mean the end of a physical life. This could pertain to an intense breakup, a loss of identity, or even a change in careers. 

It’s true that grieving is a process most of us shy away from, but if we’re taught how to intentionally work through it and face it head on– our lives would be a lot more healthy.

Join us today to explore:

  1. What is grief?
  2. How to process grief
  3. What it feels like after grief has been processed

For more guidance on saying goodbye to versions of your past self and embracing your new identity, sign up for my free virtual roundtable– Creating Your Purpose While Living Abroad on June 23rd at 9am EST. Can’t wait to see you there :) 


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Resources mentioned: Heart Healing from Loss Podcast