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Love Your Expat Life

Mar 24, 2022

Dr Sophie Haspeslagh has, like many expats, led a very unconventional life. And, like many expats, she made it look easy — when it really wasn't.

She finished her PhD while on maternity leave, met with armed leaders in countries in conflict, moved around the globe with babies, all the while pursuing her interest in counterterrorism education. 

She's an assistant professor at the University of Cairo and has recently published a new book, Proscribed Peace: How Listing Armed Groups as Terrorists Hurts Negotiations


Sophie's unconventional path
Finding the courage to tread your own path
Where is "home" and what does that word mean to you?
Embracing the unknown and challenging yourself
Surviving trauma and finding your passion
The importance of trusting yourself

Hear Sophie's amazing, inspiring story of pushing on and pursuing her dreams, despite a truly terrifying experience. If you're dealing with past traumas that seem to have stopped your dreams in their tracks, let's talk. 

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