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Love Your Expat Life

Feb 17, 2022

Many of us knew from a young age that we wanted a life that was different - one full of travel, adventure, exploration, and challenge. And an expat life fits all those qualifications, for sure!

But if you're like me, and you've been living this life for a while, you may be discovering that you don't feel like that fearless, adventurous person you were at the beginning. What happened?

Suddenly your inner censor is questioning your every decision, making you feel insecure, possibly even greedy and ungrateful, for wanting more than you already have.

In this episode, I talk you through many of the reasons expats stop dreaming of more for themselves: 

Are you too comfortable with "what is"?
Do you have "the right" to want more?
Guilt versus gratitude and giving yourself permission
Where does that inner censorship come from?
What is your big dream?
What do you think of people with big dreams?
How to give yourself space to take your shot

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