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Love Your Expat Life

Feb 10, 2022

When you’re the “accompanying spouse” in an expat life, your choices may feel quite limited. You may not be able to work, earn your own money, or have your own professional identity. For some, this feels very limiting.

Is it possible to turn these seeming obstacles into opportunity? My guest, Life Coach Kim Ramirez, and I think so. Obstacles are only obstacles when we allow them to get in our way, after all!
In this conversation, Kim and I talk about how the dream of living the expat life can sometimes be derailed by the realities, and how coaching helped her transform her life.
Highlights (with time stamp)
3:30 Living in a multicultural family / the expatriate dream is born
5:00 The importance of elephant poo
8:00 The impact of expatriation on the life and career of the “trailing spouse”
10:00 The confidence to ask for pay for work
12:30 Finding or creating purpose
13:30 Gratitude, guilt, and “getting lost”
15:00 Defining “home”
16:30 When “coming back” feels like failure
22:03 Tools for learning from Unlock Your Full Potential program
25:00 Privilege and permission to dream bigger
30:00 Advice for a new “nomad”
33:20 Coaching and “decluttering” your inner life
37:30 The power of knowing you can create what you want
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