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Love Your Expat Life

May 27, 2021

Have you noticed that some people thrive in transitions, while others agonize over it, and some people barely notice? Why does our tolerance for transition vary so much?

The challenge is in distinguishing facts from interpretations of facts: transitions, like a move, are facts. How we think about that move (excitement over a new adventure or resentment over having to say goodbye to friends again or worry about having to find a new job) depends entirely on our interpretation of our circumstances.

And that, according to Life Coach Caroline Giffon of Girafe Coaching, is great news.

You have a lot more power than you may think you have, even when the circumstances seem stacked against you.

Caroline offers help to reframe the conversation in your head so the emotions you're feeling and the thoughts you're having serve you better. 

Music: Ben Hobbs
Voice actor: David S. Dear