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Love Your Expat Life

May 20, 2021

Caroline Giffon has been a global nomad for more than 20 years, and she is now preparing herself and her family for their seventh transition: moving from Zimbabwe to Washington, D.C. 

Any move is hard, but moving from one country to another, one culture to another, one language to another, comes with a special set of challenges, as every expat knows.

When you face a major transition, what happens in your brain? Do you notice all the negative thoughts that naturally pop up? When you realize you are not your thoughts but the “spotter” of your thoughts—that observer—you do not have to believe everything your brain is telling you. You get to decide what to think.

In Loving Your Expat Life, Life Coach Caroline shares tools to help you find perspective as you face any major change in your life. 

Have a listen, then find Caroline at Girafe Coaching to learn more about bridging the gap between the life you lead and a life you'll love. 

Music by Ben Hobbs
Voice actor David S. Dear