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Love Your Expat Life

Jan 12, 2023

The "new year, new you" narrative can be counterproductive and out of reach for many of us with constant lives to build elsewhere. 

All the pressure to make resolutions and become a "new you” can be overwhelming. And the truth is, quick fixes don't work. In fact, most of them are ineffective in the long term.

The beginning of the year is like a breath of fresh air, a new start, a chance to write a new chapter. We often think about the things we want to start doing and the things we want to stop doing. 

We believe that this time, it will be different. But then, halfway through the first month of the year, most of us give up.

After creating resolutions for many years, letting them dissipate, & getting frustrated I realized why they  don’t work: 

  • Because of the self-judgment they implicitly contain,
  • Because of the strength of our will that quickly runs out of steam,
  • Because of the scattering that sabotages our efforts for change.

But this fresh wind that blows at the beginning of the year is precious and should be used to inflate the sails of our desires for growth and our projects. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  1. about the “perfect beach syndrome” & why this mindset is harmful 
  2. examples of scenarios that may be holding you back 
  3. how to adjust this so you can create lasting change


3 years ago I embarked on a journey with self-leadership which has helped me follow through on my goals and essentially helped transform my life. 


So, in addition to using the tools in this episode, I also have a special invitation for you. I am hosting a masterclass in which I will share the 5 keys to self-leadership with you. Join me for a masterclass on January 18 or 19, whichever date fits your schedule best. This is not another fad, there is no trick here. Just simple skills that, when used correctly, have the power to drive the change you desire for the year.


This small step to sign up could be just the change that drives your whole year. Are you willing to miss it?

Claim your spot here!


episode 86, about the 4 stages of change

Self Leadership Masterclass (sign up here)